We sweep all types of chimneys:
* Fireplaces
    * Woodstoves
   * Oil flues
  * Gas flues
Chimneys need to be swept in order to:

          * Remove the byproducts of combustion, i.e. soot and creosote.
          * To remove other debris such as bird and animal nests.

          * To remove the debris which result from the deteriation of the
             chimney from within the flue.


We have a strong commitment to workmanship, promptness and
our work is done neatly and professionally.

Loric Chimney Services strongly encourages annual inspection
and cleaning, per the
National Fire Protection Agency's
NFPA 211 standards for chimneys, fireplaces, vents and solid fuel buring appliances.
To schedule an appointment please call:     toll free 800-343-2487   or     860- 923-3626